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Fitness Training for the Way You Move

Dedicated to adding value to your life through fitness programs specifically designed to carry over to a better quality of life OUTSIDE of the gym.   

Time is precious, would you agree?

The vast majority of your life is spent outside of the gym.  So, why spend time training to be "gym strong", when you can simply.....TRAIN FOR LIFE.

Our goal is to help each of our clients to become better 'movers' and have more energy for life outside of the gym.  While your goals may include weight loss, "toning" up, and looking better in the mirror, I can assure you that those are a by-product of our programming for you. They're a given! 

KRONIC KETTLEBELL...helping you 

Move Better

Feel Better









Having come onto the fitness scene

back in 1995, I wanted to help people....PERIOD!   

   I wanted to help each client become stronger, more "fit", and live a healthier lifestyle. 

    Advances in research throughout the years have changed the methods and modalities used in helping clients be their fittest selves. 


One thing that has not changed over the years, however, is my passion for helping clients attain and reset their goals. Goals are one thing but each client's WHY is what drives my passion for helping others. 

So, you want to: 

  • lose weight

  • drop bodyfat

  • become stronger

  • improve flexibility/mobility

  • improve athletic performance, etc?

Before we further discuss those goals, my primary interest lies in your WHY?


Your WHY will drive MY passion for helping you attain said goals!  

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