Kronic Kettlebell has changed my life. I love that we focus on mobility and strength and both the clients and trainers are


Joseph listens and makes modifications for all types of limitations.  He is sincerely concerned about the clients wellbeing. 


The trainers provide challenging and balanced workouts designed to push you but also customized based on your needs. The workouts yield results and make you energized. The Small class setting builds camaraderie and makes it fun. Sleeping in is never an option because I enjoy the classes and always feel great after. 


I like the hands on approach that the trainers take.  They modify the workouts and  help me to make sure I am doing the stations correctly. The classes are fun, too. 

What can I say...I never thought I would be able to do anything but walk on the treadmill at my other gym. I never knew what to do with weights, but I am so glad that my friend told me about this gym. I really like the stretching too.